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March 2020





Coffee and Registration
Chairman’s Introduction
City of London Police Crime Update & Counter Terrorism Update
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Please contact:

contact@cityof londoncpa.org.uk
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How to apply

Applying for BSA accreditation is neither complex nor time-consuming. Because it draws together currently recognised security initiatives within the commercial property world, there is no requirement on applicants to undertake new activities or go through a protracted inspection process.

It establishes the highest standards in areas such as security training and management, dissemination of crime prevention information and engagement in Project Argus, all of which must be met and maintained as a condition of
continuing certification.

Download Application Form

Benefits of the BSA award

  • a distinctive mark of quality that affords external recognition of your security achievements
  • a framework for supporting and promoting the best principles in security provision
  • a means of ensuring not only that policies and procedures are in place but that they are translated into practice
  • a powerful tool for encouraging public trust and confidence in your building as place in which to work, visit and do business.

Building Security Accreditation Partners

The BSA accreditation is a joint initiative conceived, developed and funded by the City of London Crime Prevention Association (CoLCPA), the City of London Police and the City of London Corporation, partners in the interests of security across the Square Mile.

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