Our Next Meeting

February 10th 2020
Location: Drapers’ Hall, Throgmorton Ave, EC2N





Coffee and Registration
Chairman’s Introduction
City of London Police Crime Update & Counter Terrorism Update
Finish and Close

Please contact:

contact@cityof londoncpa.org.uk
for details if you would like to attend.

City of London Police – Economic Crime Directorate: Fraud Alert: “Migrant Helpline”

Fraudsters are sending out a high number of phishing emails to personal and business email addresses purporting to be from Migrant Helpline. Please note that Migrant Helpline is a genuine charity, and not related in any way to this fraud.

An example of the phishing email can be found in the alert below.

Migrant Helpline Donation Alert

 Please note that a link to the NFIB’s feedback survey can be found at the end of every alert, or you can access it here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FeedbackSDU. The survey is only 3 questions long and should take no more than 2 minutes to complete. If you would prefer to send feedback by email, you can reach us at NFIBFeedback@cityoflondon.pnn.police.uk. We would appreciate it if you would take a moment to let us know if an alert was particularly useful, or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

If you wish to be added to the distribution list for fraud alerts, please contact NFIBOutputs@cityoflondon.pnn.police.uk. You may also use this address to unsubscribe from our alerts.