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17 November 2020






Chairman’s Introduction
City of London Police Crime Update & Counter Terrorism Update
Presentation on the National Casualty Bureau
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Commissioner says “CoLCPA is an amazing association”

Adrian Leppard, QPM, Commissioner City of London Police delivered a speech to the CoLCPA AGM in May 2015.

In summary:

CoLCPA is an amazing association, supporting an amazing City with many opportunities to build on for the future.

This is a difficult time for policing, but the Commissioner is surrounded by great people in the City of London Police.

The budget is clearly a continuing challenge.

There are exceptionally low rates of crime in City – but CoLP are not complacent: the City will continue to be a target.

The COLP will need to work with colleagues from across the community. For example, CoLP is a centre for fraud, but police and law enforcement cannot succeed alone. There is a need for a joint focus on prevention.

CoLP are working closely with City of London Corporation on Counter Terrorism advice.

In future, CoLP will need to consider how to do things differently to maximise the relationship between public and private sectors. For example there should be a national accreditation scheme for fraud investigation.

This is a watershed moment which will bring fundamental transformative change.

City Security magazine is a stunning magazine. With the news that it is going digital we can increase its reach. It is an awesome publication!