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March 2020





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City of London Police Crime Update & Counter Terrorism Update
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#EatPacePlan – London-wide Christmas alcohol campaign to keep safe

This year the City of London Corporation is once again supporting a London-wide Christmas alcohol campaign. Supported by the City of London Corporation, amongst other partners, the campaign encourages Londoners to be merry and have fun, but also look after themselves and get home safe and well.

The campaign is centred around three key messages or ‘three wise things’; eat before you go out, pace your drinks and plan how to get home. This year the campaign has also received support from London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Police Service, City of London Police and Transport for London.

The digital campaign launched on 26 November and will run to 1 January 2019 to cover the festive period. The e-toolkit is the main product of the campaign and will feature advice and tips to employers and the public on how to keep safe over the festive period. Social media adverts will also be delivered through multiple mediums such as twitter and facebook.

In addition to the toolkit and advertising there will also be an online interactive scratch card which provides a quick way to review drinking based on the AUDIT C tool which was developed by experts and has been extensively evaluated.

For more information on the campaign and access to the toolkit please check out www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/eatpaceplan. We would greatly appreciate your help to get the message out to party planners, employers, businesses and those working in London that a little extra planning for a night out can make it a lot more fun in the long-run for everyone. We would really appreciate your support to help share the campaign with any parties you think relevant.