Our Next Meeting (online)

22nd October 2020






Chairman’s Introduction
City of London Police Crime Update & Counter Terrorism Update
Presentation on the National Casualty Bureau
Finish and Close

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contact@cityof londoncpa.org.uk
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Metropolitan Police update 21st March 2020

Message sent on behalf of the Metropolitan Police
A short message from the Met Police to keep you updated. Officers from the Met continue to police London this weekend as they have throughout the week. There has been no change to our policing plan and we continue to work in, and with, communities to prevent crime and to catch criminals, amongst so many other things.
Closure of hospitality facilities
I am sure that you are all aware of the government announcement of additional measures requiring leisure and hospitality facilities to close in order to further reduce social contact to manage the spread of Covid-19. No doubt, many of you are working on your own plans and speaking to your own stakeholders to share and implement this advice.
We (The Met) have a good relationship with these sectors in London and fully anticipate voluntary compliance by all relevant businesses and by the public. We are not anticipating a policing response being needed to enforce closures and we will continue to speak with and work with license holders to facilitate a smooth transition.
As mentioned on Friday, 20 March, we will be deploying officers in our local areas to provide a reassuring presence and visible policing. We are prioritising frontline officer roles and in some cases are postponing training and taking other measures to achieve this.
The Chinese and South East Asian community have suffered Hate crime as a result of Covid19 we are involved in talks in the form of a community reference group to look at solutions and best ways to support the community.
We ask that you continue to contact us via email or phone and advise keeping an eye on the local Twitter channels @MetpoliceUK and https://news.met.police.uk for updates as we do think it is vital to maintain channels of communication between the police and community. We would be particularly keen to hear if you or your residents have any direct concerns about community tensions.
Your Neighbourhood team can be contacted in the normal means (via telephone, email, or via the met website: https://www.met.police.uk/, ‘what’s happening in my area’, type in your postcode, and then scroll down to ‘contact my team). Alternatively you can call 101 or, in an emergency, 999 and you can also report crime and anti-social behaviour online via the website.