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National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week 24 – 30 November 2014

Police encourage businesses to stand up in the fight against terrorism

On the 24 November police will launch a national counter terrorism awareness week, with the message that everybody has a role to play in keeping the UK safe from terrorists. 

The activity follows the recent increase of the terrorism threat level to severe, meaning that it is highly likely that a terrorist attack could happen in the UK and it may occur without warning. There is currently no specific intelligence of any planned terrorist attacks, but the increased threat level highlights the importance for people to be vigilant and take all available measures to reduce their risk of becoming a target of a terrorist attack.

The week will see a range of activity, focusing on five key areas; crowded places, transport hubs, preventing violent extremism, terrorist financing, and the tools that terrorists need to operate, with particular emphasis on the value of partnership between the police, businesses, government and the general public.

Police are encouraging businesses to get involved with the awareness week and to consider ways that they can support the activity. Security posters will be made available to businesses, giving advice on how to prevent and detect threats, how to report any concerns and what to do if people find themselves caught up in a terrorist attack. Project Griffin awareness events will be taking place across the UK. These are led by the police and designed to help staff responsible for the safety and security of buildings, businesses and neighbourhoods to recognise, respond to and report suspicious activity or behaviour. The events also encourage attendees to consider their own local procedures for incidents and emergencies.

The Senior National Co-ordinator for National Counter Terrorism Policing, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball said:

“The recent increase in the terrorism threat level clearly demonstrates the need for all partners to work together to ensure that the UK is in the best possible position to keep our communities safe from terrorists.

“Businesses, particularly those in crowded places and transport hubs, have an invaluable role to play in our fight against violent extremists. We can increase vigilance by ensuring that staff have the correct training and know what to look out for, as well as ensuring that buildings are built to high safety standards and have optimum security in place to deter and detect potential threats.”

This is the first time that police have run a national counter terrorism awareness week and we are delighted that CSSC is working with us. Police and businesses will operate as usual during the week, and where there is not a specific event in your area you can support and share the experience with us by watching or re-tweeting media articles that show what we are doing across the UK.

Each region has a dedicated police contact for the awareness week and Project Griffin events will be running throughout the UK.