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March 2020





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City of London Police Crime Update & Counter Terrorism Update
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Project Griffin Celebrates 10 Years

More than one hundred guests raised a glass to the success of this important initiative at Vintners’ Hall in the City of London in April. Don Randall, MBE thanked all those that have supported this project since its inception.

Sir David Veness said of the project “The commendable fact that it has thrived over 10 years into a more comprehensive, inclusive and sophisticated project is a great tribute to its private sector champions and a spirit of public sector engagement.”

The ten-year celebration, hosted by the City of London Crime Prevention Association (COLCPA), included a presentation to the Project Griffin Person of the Year 2014, John McClune (pictured with Don Randall and City of London Police Commissioner, Adrian Leppard) who was commended for his enduring commitment and dedication to the initiative. John has been responsible for the bridge calls since the early stages and is a well-known figure in the Project Griffin community.

Don & Comm & Award