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March 2020





Coffee and Registration
Chairman’s Introduction
City of London Police Crime Update & Counter Terrorism Update
Finish and Close

Please contact:

contact@cityof londoncpa.org.uk
for details if you would like to attend.

TFL Travel Guidance update: August 7 2020

TfL are committed to playing our full part in getting London moving and working again, safely and sustainably. Please click HERE  for our travel guidance for businesses and employees.
You and your employees have told us that you want a clean, reliable and well managed transport service. You have also asked for information on the times of day when the network is quiet to help you stagger working hours outside the busier early morning weekday period. This is what we are delivering for you.
Our services on London Undergound, rail and buses are now back to near normal levels. Compliance with the mandatory requirement to wear face coverings is very high and the British Transport Police are enforcing this. The network has never been cleaner. Our intensive cleaning regime follows Public Health England guidance to make the network COVID secure.
As you plan your return to the office, we have updated our travel guidance for businesses and employees. Please find this attached, it can also be accessed on our website.
We have developed this guidance in collaboration with the business community as we continue to work together to help London recover from the pandemic.
Please share this with your employees, members or affiliates to ensure as many businesses and employees are equipped with the latest information. To support this guidance we will shortly be publishing an Active Travel Recovery toolkit with practical tips for encouraging more walking and cycling.
As ever, if you feel there are any forums or meetings that would benefit from a TfL representative joining to discuss our latest travel advice then please do get in touch.
 Vernon Everitt | Managing Director, Customers, Communication and Technology4