Our Next Meeting Cancelled

March 2020





Coffee and Registration
Chairman’s Introduction
City of London Police Crime Update & Counter Terrorism Update
Finish and Close

Please contact:

contact@cityof londoncpa.org.uk
for details if you would like to attend.


With over 300 members, primarily from the financial and business sectors within the City of London and other security communities around London, we hold eleven formal meetings per year, with an average attendance of around 120.


The Association offers a varied and interesting programme of events, as well as providing regular updates on crime prevention-related information and advice. The members of the Association are integral to this process and their continuing support is vital to the Association’s success.

Membership benefits

There are many benefits to joining the CoLCPA, including:

  • A programme of regular events
  • Specialist speakers
  • A range of high-level updates from the City of London Police on     crime and counter-terrorism issues
  • Information and advice
    available on crime prevention from the   City of London Police, the City
    of London Corporation and other   organisations.
  • Networking opportunities to meet with like-minded professionals

Key Initiatives

An important part of the CoLCPA is to instigate and support crime
prevention initiatives. We have been instrumental in the start up and
development of both
 Project Griffin, CSSC (Cross-Sector Safety and Communications) and the Building Security Accreditation scheme.

We are extremely grateful to the Commissioner of Police for the City of London Police and his officers for their continued support as we equally are to all other law enforcement agencies and friends of the Association.

Such is the importance attached to the continuation and development of the Association that personal encouragement has been given by the Home Office, the Chairman of the Police Committee and the Commissioner of the City of London Police.

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Charitable status

Our prudent management of our fees and other income enables us to comfortably meet our charity commission requirements. We are making charitable preventative donations in the region of £25,000 per year.

We have provided financial support to a number of crime prevention initiatives and projects embracing the City community as a whole.

For example, we have supported the taxi marshalling scheme at Liverpool St station since its inception, helping travellers and those socialising in the City to get home safely.

We are also proud to support the City of London Police Voluntary Cadet scheme.