Building Security Assessment Scheme (BSAS)

City of London Crime Prevention Association in partnership with National Security Inspectorate (NSI) 

The objective of the Building Security Assessment Scheme is to enhance security and fire safety standards within multi-occupied commercial buildings. It serves as a benchmark, reflecting the commitment of commercial property owners to safeguarding their premises, staff, and the public. 

The scheme has been in existence for more than ten years and was originally developed from a joint collaboration involving the City of London Police, the City of London Corporation representatives from managing agents and the security industry.

This scheme has now been updated and refreshed in partnership with NSI to reflect today’s security requirements.

The Building Security Assessment scheme is:

  • A distinctive mark of quality that affords external recognition of a building’s security and fire safety measures
  • A framework for supporting and promoting principles in security provision
  • A means of ensuring not only that policies and procedures are in place but they are translated into practice
  • A powerful tool for encouraging public trust and confidence in the City as a place in which to work, visit and do business
  • An opportunity to share the prestige of certification with many of the City’s landmark buildings


The Building Security Assessment Scheme is open to all owners and managing agents of commercial property.

Approval for the Building Security Assessment Scheme is achievable through a straightforward application and review process and when completed, a certificate is awarded jointly by CoLCPA and NSI. 

NSI will request and review the following (not exhaustive):

  • Evidence of risk assessments in place for security, health & safety, fire and life safety
  • A co-ordinated evacuation plan, counter terror plan and evidence of plan testing
  • Appropriate security and access control systems
  • Safe Haven status* (preferable) and trauma pack availability in the event of an emergency where security officers are deployed
  • Security Officers to demonstrate they have completed appropriate security awareness training modules, ACT counter terrorism training
  • Project Kestrel Fire Awareness training (preferable), where an appropriate number of Security Officers (in relation to the size and nature of the building), have completed Kestrel fire training which was developed in partnership with the London Fire Brigade, the Skills Network, CoLCPA and the City of London Corporation.
  • Evidence of CoLCPA membership (preferable) and how CoLCPA guidance is disseminated throughout the building to tenants/occupiers, by either the property manager or contracted Security Officer
  • Evidence key communication link is in place with the Emergency Services and CSSC (Cross Sector Security and Safety Communications)
  • Evidence that key security systems and services are procured from independently approved third party certificated providers or can demonstrate are managed and operated to relevant British Standards for the services provided

* For a building to have a designated ‘Safe Haven’, a part of the building (usually the reception area) must be available to members of the public and others for temporary safe refuge, if they are feeling vulnerable, or in the case of an emergency, such as a terrorism incident.  The ‘Safe Haven must also have an onsite security officer presence.   The availability of trauma packs would also be preferable. The ‘Safe Havens’ security app lists all the designated buildings taking part. 

For further information or to apply

If you are interested in an independent review of the security measures of your commercial building(s), please complete the online Application Form available on the NSI website:

Application Form

If you have any questions, please contact the NSI applications team who will be happy to help.

T: 01628 764885

For more information on the Building Security Assessment Scheme, including costs, please contact NSI Application Advisors at or call them on T: 01628 764885