ProtectUK: National Risk Register 2023 is published

The Cabinet Office has published the latest version of the National Risk Register 2023 (NRR).

The NRR covers a number of threats, including terrorism. Alongside the guidance and tools available on ProtectUK it can assist in planning to protect venues and public spaces against terrorist attacks, and preparing to better respond, reducing the impact. 

The NRR contains 89 threats that have been identified as having the potential to significantly impact the UK’s safety, security, or critical systems at a national level. These threats include terrorism, cyber-attacks, state threats, pandemics, wildfires, and industrial action. In highlighting these risks, the NRR provides a solid foundation to enhance collective resilience and ensure the protection of our nation’s vital interests.

Organisations can use the NRR to access detailed insights, specific scenarios, assumptions, and response capabilities necessary for effectively planning to protect against and prepare for potential threats. This understanding will assist in developing a comprehensive organisational risk assessment. 

ProtectUK users can read more about the NRR here: UK government’s National Risk Assessment page. We recommend ProtectUK users continue to use resources throughout our platform to mitigate the risks from terrorism.