Prevent Violence against Women and Girls Survey

Making Our City Safer  

Dear Members of the City of London Community

How safe do women feel in our City of London? This is a question we need your help in answering. Thousands of women visit the City of London every day. However, evidence suggests there are some areas and times of the day when women feel vulnerable in our City. As the City of London Crime Prevention Association working in partnership with multiple other agencies in the City of London, this is something we want to change, so everyone can feel safe. We need to hear from you to help us do that. The Prevent Violence Against Women & Girls (P-VAWG) Survey is an opportunity for women who live, work, and visit the City of London to tell us about how safe they feel and what they would like to see implemented to make them feel safer.  We can put in place new initiatives to create a safer public environment for women.  We want to hear from everyone about their views abouts safety in the City Of London what they would like to see introduced to ensure new initiatives are effective. We are committed to supporting the outcomes of this survey and tackling the issue of violence against women and girls.  Please help us reach the people we want to protect by circulating this survey among your workforce, connections, friends and family.   
Link to survey
In answering the survey, they will help us take a step towards making the City safer for everyone to reside, work, socialise and visit. 
NOTE TO BUSINESS LEADERS / Stakeholders /Partner organisations Thank you to those who have already completed the survey. If you have not yet given your view or shared with your networks, we would be very grateful if you are able to do this.

Thank you for your support. 

Don Randall MBE

Chairman CoLCPA #OurSaferCity