Protect Duty Consultation

Tuesday 13th April 2021 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Virtual Meeting (note earlier start time of 11.00)

Speaker: Kevin McNulty, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, Home Office

The Government’s consultation on the Protect Duty was launched on 26 February for 18 weeks. It proposes a legislative requirement for those responsible for certain venues and large organisations, and considers the nature of a legislative requirement for public spaces. It also considers what the requirements of the Duty would be for those in scope, how they would be supported to deliver requirements, and the nature of oversight and compliance. This presentation outlines these themes, with a view to engaging relevant parties and seeking consultation responses, and highlighting issues where challenges are presented or requiring further clarification.

Expected timings of the meeting are as follows:-

11.00 Chairman’s Introduction

11.10 City of London Police Crime Lead Update and Counter Terrorism Update

11.25 – 12.00 Speaker

12:00 Questions & Close