Combating digital eavesdropping

Wednesday 20th March 2024 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Drapers’ Hall, London, EC2N 2DQ

Speaker:   Matt McGinn, Managing Director – Global Protect

Eavesdropping poses a significant threat to Public and Commercial organisations due to the potential invasion of privacy and the compromise of sensitive information. This clandestine practice can lead to severe breaches of Personal and Corporate Confidentiality, Intellectual Property Theft, and the violation of human rights. During the presentation, Matt will emphasise the detrimental impact of eavesdropping and explore effective strategies to counter the threat.

Expected timings of the meeting are as follows:-

11.00 Coffee and registration

11.30 Chairman’s introduction

11.45 City of London Police crime lead update and counter terrorism update

12.15 Speaker

12:45 – 12.50 Questions & close