Project Kestrel Fire Awareness Course

Project Kestrel is now available for booking. This fire awareness course has been developed in partnership with the London Fire Brigade, the Skills Network, the City of London Crime Prevention Association and the City of London Corporation.

This course will equip learners with an understanding of all aspects of fire safety, including fire prevention and detection, local hazards, risk awareness, roles and responsibilities and more. Learners will complete six units that will consolidate their knowledge in safety and security functions in relation to fire in the workplace.

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Who is suitable?

This course is aimed at anyone working in a security officer role who wishes to develop an understanding of a variety of topics relating to fire safety, including practical aspects such as the responsibility of a security officer and their duty of care.

The purpose of the course is to support a role in the workplace and to enable learners to progress towards excellence in the conduct of fire safety and security functions as a security officer.

Some of the key topics covered in the course include fire prevention and precautionary measures, how fires start and spread, raising the alarm, means of escape, identifying and controlling hazards, what to do in an emergency, communicating with the emergency services and reducing accidental fires in the workplace.

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  • Gain a certificate from the London Fire Brigade on completion of the course
  • Achieve two CPD points from the Security Institute towards your annual continued professional development
  • Increase your awareness of fire safety and legislation, and be able to understand your duties and responsibilities in fire prevention and detection
  • A comprehensive learning package that is complementary to other competences an employer may require
  • Engaging and informative content that stretches learners’ thinking and helps put their new, extended knowledge into practice
  • The course is delivered via distance learning, allowing learners to choose when and where to study
  • Study will develop learners’ knowledge, skills, understanding and behaviours to enhance their future work and life


This course is split into six units. All learners will complete all six units and will then answer 4 questions for each unit that total 20 marks. The questions will test Knowledge, Skills, Understanding and Behaviours. Learners will need to score a mark of 75% to pass the course.

Unit 1: A brief introduction to legislation and general duties
Unit 2: Fires, how they start and spread, fire prevention and precautions, and fire extinguishing methods
Unit 3: Safety tours, inspections and making sure there’s a safe way out for everyone
Unit 4: Actions to take in case of fire
Unit 5: Testing and maintenance
Unit 6: Roles and responsibilities

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