Our COVID-19 Guidelines

Covid-19 remains a threat generally and to our members who have been taking their own precautions throughout the past months. Whilst some precautions have been relaxed, we feel some basic guidelines will enable members to attend our meetings or events with greater confidence. We ask that where practicable you follow the guidelines, but for more detailed advice please view the governments website https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

1. Members are asked to consider the following questions and if they answer YES to any of them, please do not attend the meeting or event:

  • Are you feeling unwell?
  • Are you currently required to isolate?
  • Have you been told to self-isolate by a government test and trace service?
  • Is anyone in your household suffering with COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Have you been in close contact with anyone who has COVID-19 or anyone who has been showing symptoms?

2. Attendees should inform a committee member and leave immediately should they develop COVID-19 symptoms during a meeting or event.

3. All attendees should be considerate to those around them at all times and respect any concerns they may have.  If for whatever reason you believe your presence at a meeting or event could put others at risk, please reconsider attending and let the organisers know via admin@cityoflondoncpa.org.uk

4. Our meetings are and should remain friendly, welcoming events for all those who attend. The vast majority of those attending will no doubt be double vaccinated, but please remember the 1 metre social distancing guideline when it is practicable to do so.

5. Please be mindful that other visitors may be uncomfortable with physical contact such as handshakes and embraces.

6. The wearing of face masks is no longer mandatory and is a matter of personal choice. If you feel more comfortable wearing a face mask during our meetings or events, please feel free to do so.

7. Handwashing facilities are available at all venues we use. Please wash your hands in accordance with government guidelines on arrival and use hand sanitiser where available.